Continuing Education

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Designing for Effective Acoustics

Studies show that acoustics are essential to ensuring optimal work performance.

But what is an effective acoustic environment? Because many have an incomplete understanding of this concept, they often pursue noise control strategies in what we call the “Quest for Silence” – the notion that good acoustics are achieved when the sound levels in a space are as low as possible, with zero being the best.

Others believe they can resolve the noise problems in their office by using only one or two of the methods and materials described in the “ABC Rule”—Absorb Noise, Block Noise, Cover Noise.

The first part of this presentation introduces the goals of acoustic design, describes methods of noise control and demonstrates how interior design elements can help achieve good acoustic performance in an office setting.

The second part explains the acoustic principles behind the use of these techniques and materials. By showing how sound masking works in conjunction with absorptive elements, it demonstrates that a combination of acoustic treatments is key to achieving the desired results because each one functions in a unique way.

This free presentation is a Registered Program of AIA/CES. It is 60 minutes long and qualifies for 1 LU/HSW Hour.


Continuing Education

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the ABCs of effective acoustic design
  • Incorporate noise control methods and materials into their designs
  • Reduce costs associated with construction and furniture systems
  • Provide facility occupants with speech privacy, comfort and freedom from noise disruptions

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